Philip F - August 13, 2013

I went thinking it'd just be a one-time visit (my regular dentist was out of town) but was so impressed by how personable and attentive Dr Platt is, that I'm going to start coming to him instead of my old dentist.

Janice - August 5, 2013

Dr Platt was great and I will return. He's definitely a no BS doctor; I had the best cleaning of tarter off my teeth that I have ever had, but it didn't come with fuzzy bunnies and slippers. It was definitely a little painful, but he did what he had to do. I think maybe other dentists were easy on me; I would highly recommend, but not if you don't want your teeth REALLY cleaned - pain or no pain!

Andrew B. - April 6, 2013

Only reason there was a wait was because of a snafu with my insurance company. Had nothing to do with them. They were absolutely great.

Tony S. - April 1, 2013

I thought he was great. It was a busy day in his office but he still was really gentle, kind, and took his time with me.

Jacob- Feb 14, 2013

I have severe dental phobia, and Dr. Platt was wonderful at easing my anxiety. I broke a filling, and he was able to see me right away. He was professional, gentle and talked me through the whole process. He takes pride in doing the work correctly the first time and is clearly passionate about what he does. Bottom line, he wants you to be comfortable, happy, and healthy. In addition, his hygienists and his receptionist are some of the nicest and friendliest women you'll ever meet. I'm so glad I'm in good hands with Dr. Platt!

Ryan - Jan 7, 2013

You don't get to say this often, but what a great dentist visit today. Came in with a gnarly tooth (very bad cavity) needing a root canal and a few other things. I knew this going in and Dr Platt gave me a few options on how to approach it with no pressure for either one. With our decision made, he went right to work and finished it up in no time—a procedure I had expected would take a number of appointments, but took only an hour or so. There was no pain and Dr Platt and his team made absolutely sure that I was comfortable. I would normally never suggest that anyone get a root canal, but Dr Platt made it such a great experience that I'd go back for another without question (knock on wood that I don't have to).

Charlie - Jan 15, 2012

Dr Platt and the staff of Prospect Heights Dental were my saviors yesterday - had some pretty severe toothache on a Friday night, called them first thing sat morning, were able to schedule me for that day as I needed to be ready to get on a 9 hour flight today (Sunday).

A full set of x rays were taken and the problems found, Dr Platt took time and care to explain exactly what was going on, the Best plan considering I needed to be on a long flight today and exactly how much it would cost.

2 molars extracted and 2 root canals done, I feel a thousand times better! Real care and caution was taken to do the job right and make sure I didn't experience any pain.

Amazing job, really nice people, very reasonable price and local, what more could I ask!
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